During the lively atmosphere of the new spring, the TOP Wolf family had a meaningful journey when visiting and offering incense at the Hung Temple (Phu Tho) and the historical relic area K9 – Da Chong (Ba Vi); along with visiting and celebrating Tet at the homes of some company employees.

At the Hung Temple, we together paid homage and expressed deep gratitude to the Hung Kings who had the merit of founding the nation and the resilient ancestors who bravely fought against foreign invaders to protect the country. The next stop was the historical relic area K9, where we gained further understanding of the revolutionary activities, ethical values, and thoughts of President Ho Chi Minh in the construction and defense of the Vietnamese Fatherland.

TOP Wolf sincerely thanks all members who participated and wholeheartedly engaged in this spring trip. The smiles, joy, and moments spent together will always be the inspiration and positive energy sources in the early days of the new year.

Let’s welcome a new year full of hope and success together!

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