One of Talent Gate’s most significant achievements in 2022 was our collaboration with Vinuniversity – one of the leading universities in Vietnam to create an internship-oriented eLearning course for all students before the summer internship. 

With this course, Talent Gate decided to apply a new technique – Multispace Panoramic to enhance learning experience. This technique allows learners to freely move around and discover knowledge in a 360-degree simulated environment. Talent Gate also came up with an idea that surprise VinUniversity team: an intro music video that introduces the course on trending background music. This was a creative touchpoint that draw students’ attention and boost their learning engagement.

Those highlights combined with lively animation, and captivate storytelling – VinUniversity students have very positive feedback: over 80% of the participants claimed that the course has helped them become more confident to “survive” the harsh internship summer. VinUniversity was very satisfied with the positive result of this project and would look forward to collaborating with Talent Gate in the near future.

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