TOP 3 Levels of eLearning Course Digitization You Need to Know

What is eLearning Course Digitization?

Nowadays, the term eLearning has become increasingly familiar in our daily lives and work, being frequently used and mentioned. So, what is eLearning and why do we need to digitize eLearning courses?

eLearning is short for “electronic learning,” referring to online learning experiences through electronic means. These experiences can include slides, videos, images, podcasts, interactive activities, games, etc., accessed via internet-connected devices like computers, phones, or tablets.

eLearning Course Digitization

What is eLearning Course Digitization?

eLearning course digitization is the process of transforming learning materials from paper-based formats or simple text documents like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc., into digital content that includes interactions, animations, sound, and engaging games. Once digitized, courses can be stored and operated online in a learning environment that integrates technologies for storing, operating, and transmitting lecture and learner data.

The digitization of eLearning courses plays a crucial role in an organization’s digital transformation process. It changes the entire storage and deployment method of training, impacting all employees quickly without being dependent on external factors like time, location, or personnel.

Currently, there are many software tools to assist users in digitizing eLearning courses, such as iSpring, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Avina, Active Presenter, and more. These tools can build interactive elements, animations and publish content to meet eLearning system standards.

Common Digitization Forms in eLearning

With the robust support of continuously updated software tools and new technologies, here are some common digitization forms implemented in eLearning at Talent Gate:

1 – Basic Interaction – Slideshow

This is a simple digitization form using click-to-reveal interactions allowing learners to interact with the course content. Additionally, slideshow content is animated through the combination of images, sound, and simple animations illustrating the information presented in the course.

2 – Advanced Interaction – Motion Graphics

This form requires more technical and logical processing than the previous one. Learners participate in varied and multiple interaction options with the content like zooming, panning, drag and drop, typing, quizzes, etc. These forms provide new experiences and enhance the ability to remember the information mentioned in the course. Moreover, adding motion graphics with dynamic transitions makes the learning experience more exciting.

3 – Animation – Gamification

A comprehensive upgrade from the previous forms. The entire content is enhanced in terms of interface, animation, with detailed attention to every gesture and expression of the subjects mentioned. Animation creates a visually appealing and memorable experience for the learning content conveyed. Additionally, the gamification technology upgrade provides a novel experience compared to traditional tests, making learning and testing feel more like playing a game.

4 – High-Tech Application

Talent Gate’s R&D team tirelessly explores and develops new technologies for digitizing courses, aiming to provide learners with entirely new experiences without compromising the course information intake process.

Benefits of Digitizing eLearning Courses in Corporate Online Training

Today, as digital transformation becomes a common trend among enterprises, eLearning digitization serves as a powerful tool for delivering and sharing information to a large number of users within the organization’s system. Compared to traditional learning methods, eLearning saves learning and working time, enabling proactive learning anytime, anywhere, and optimizing costs. Especially, digital courses can be quickly updated, which is advantageous for content that changes over time compared to conventional training methods.

Steps to Digitize eLearning Courses

Digitizing eLearning courses involves many steps and requires users to have knowledge of content delivery and familiarization with the necessary tools to produce high-quality courses. If you’re facing difficulties in the digitization process or lack a professional method for eLearning course creation, don’t hesitate to contact Talent Gate for quick consultation and support.

Talent Gate is a professional consulting and implementation unit for online course digitization, serving clients through a specialized project management process, ensuring work progress according to clients’ needs. With an experienced and creative team previously involved in training/eLearning within large enterprises and banks, Talent Gate confidently accompanies, advises, and serves clients with the best quality. We establish our brand through the latest eLearning innovations.