The festive atmosphere filled with laughter, warmth, and Christmas spirit truly embraced every home, every person, and the entire Talent Gate family as this morning (22/12/2023), the special Christmas event “Journey of Santa” took place successfully and brilliantly.

From early morning, members were excitedly preparing gifts, cakes, and dressing up in colorful Christmas outfits. And for the first time at Talent Gate, they welcomed the unexpected appearance of Santa Claus.

Throughout the event, there were resounding laughter and enthusiastic applause as everyone understood that this was the time to gather together and release their fatigue, worries, and harmonize with the Christmas spirit.

The highlight of the event was the “Secret Gift” gift-giving ceremony, where joy and surprises filled the space. The gifts had been carefully prepared by the members to randomly give to one another. The warmth of sharing and caring for each other was concrete evidence of the bond and mutual appreciation.


In addition to gift-giving, the special gingerbread baking activity brought creativity and significance to the event. This was also the first time that TOP members had the opportunity to participate together in the process of decorating adorable gingerbread to give to each other.


The event not only brought joy and a festive atmosphere but also fostered a sense of unity and teamwork within the Talent Gate family. It was an opportunity for members to come together, share stories, and create memorable moments with each other.

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