Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB)

Aiming at standardized, innovative, and unique customer service offered by nearly 2000 bank tellers nationwide, SHB wanted to deploy a short-term yet effective training to improve Net Promoter Score consistently across branches/front offices. Bank tellers and Head/Deputy Head of Customer Service were expected to implement customer service initiatives to boost business performance.

It was not an easy task for a major, established, and steady bank. Understanding the requirement, Talent Gate and collaborator advised and designed a Blended Learning training program for SHB including Before and after test, eLearning combined with face-to-face learning. Competency Framework and core competencies required for front office roles were clearly defined and detailed. This was the basis for managers to understand what to expect from employees; thereby, develop  solutions to measure employee performance and provide them with proper coaching.

Talent Gate incorporated full gamification to the main content of two eLearning courses for managers and employees, helping them retain and apply knowledge effectively. Talent Gate partnered with a collaborator to facilitate intensive face-to-face training in a smooth and effective manner according to committed timeline.

The training result was evaluated on 3 levels of Kirk Patrick model before, during, and after the program along with the level of practical application. The training program of Talent Gate and collaborator earned the recognition of SHB Leadership and left strong impression on SHB learners.