On December 3, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand, representatives from Talent Gate attended the event and award ceremony of Asia Education Conclave 2023.

It was truly an honor when the Awards Committee announced that Talent Gate had excellently received the Innovative Company of the Year award. This award recognizes any form of applying information technology to learning: online or mobile learning platforms, software, or device innovations that are best suited for the modern learning environment.

It can be said that this is the first time Talent Gate has received such prestigious international awards. This award is for any form of digital learning application, online or mobile learning platform, software or device related innovations that are best suited for the modern learning environment.

TOP sincerely thanks the organizers of the Asia Education Conclave 2023 for creating a wonderful event and providing opportunities for networking, sharing, and honoring outstanding achievements in the field of education.

This is a significant achievement for Talent Gate, and TOP shares this joy with all employees, valued partners, and customers of Talent Gate. This success could not have been achieved without the dedicated efforts and the support and trust from all of you.

Talent Gate commits to continue striving and providing the best educational solutions for the community, contributing to building a brighter future of education.


AEC (Asia Education Conclave) is an international community that provides a platform for teachers/educators, education leaders, and experts in the education sector to meet, connect, and honor innovation and excellence in education.

The awards organized by AEC aim to highlight the quality and diversity of educational products and resources, outstanding educational organizations, excellent teaching experts, and other dedicated members in the teaching and education field. Suppliers, all are making efforts to support innovation and enhance teaching and learning activities.

The awards involve individuals, organizations, and businesses from across Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia – regions with highly developed education systems and significant scientific and technological advancements.