Military commercial joint stock bank (MBBank)

In May 2021, Talent Gate received the requirement from Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBBank) on 4 eLearning videos (LCD). Each video should last for 1 minute and would be shown at MBBank’s nation-wide transaction counters. These videos aimed at better customer service provided by bank staff.

Talent Gate analysed and advised a comprehensive solution package for MBBank. We pointed that 4-minute videos would not suffice to meet MBBank’s expectation. MBBank agreed with our solution, i.e. 5 eLearning courses with a total length of 200+ minutes suited to 5 types of audience from employees to managers. These training courses are dynamic, highly interactive, and instilled with MB’s identity. We also provided add-on products such as Micro learning, Gamification, Quick book, etc. for branch managers to flexibly mentor their staff while employees could also learn adaptively.

After 3 months of design and 3 months of implementation, the program received positive feedback from learners, pointing that it effectively helped enhance MBBank’s prestige and brand.

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