Eurowindow joint stock company

Eurowindow Joint Stock Company was established in 2002 and has been a top door provider in Vietnam with annual revenue at around VND 5 trillion. One of their goals as a leading player was to penetrate into new market, acquire customers, boost revenue and profit while sustaining market share in traditional channels.

Aiming at better hiring quality through sourcing and interview based on an available Competency Framework, Talent Gate was honored to facilitate “Competency-based interviews” training course for Northern and Southern Business Managers at Eurowindow in May and June 2022.

Given our certified training quality and applicability, Talent Gate was honorably trusted with another course for Business Employees at Eurowindow called “Business negotiation”. The course initiated with multi-faceted survey results to help learners reflect on their own negotiating abilities. Next, it combined technical guidelines with reviews and open-ended questions over 1.5 days.

It ended with a dramatic role-play in which 100% participants involved in a negotiation scenario. Instead of negotiating aimlessly like they used to, leaners started to apply negotiation tactics logically and strategically. The atmosphere of selling and buying negotiation was very intriguing and fascinating. By the end of the course, many learners gave positive feedback and pointed that there were many useful takeaways that could be applied into their daily tasks.